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Welcome to CiTiGaminG eSports Camp, where gamers of all ages can come together to learn, compete, and have fun!

Our camp is designed to provide a safe and exciting environment for young gamers to explore the world of esports. With a $50 registration fee, CiTiGaminG eSports Camp is accessible to everyone.

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Citi Gaming Esports Camp Curriculum
Duration: 5 Days
Day 1: Introduction
  • Morning session:
    • Welcome and icebreaker activities
    • Introduction to esports and its history
    • Overview of the camp and daily schedule
    • Setting expectations and goals for the camp
  • Afternoon session:
    • Introduction to various esports games and genres (Fighting Games, MOBA, FPS, Battle Royale, etc.)
    • Hands-on exploration of different games
    • Identifying personal interests and selecting a primary game for the camp
Day 2: Basic PC and Console Gaming Mechanics
  • Morning session:
    • PC gaming:
      • Introduction to gaming peripherals (keyboard, mouse, headset, etc.)
      • Overview of keybinds and customization
      • Basic in-game settings and optimization
    • Console gaming:
      • Introduction to console controllers and their functions
      • Overview of in-game settings and optimization
      • Cross-platform gaming considerations
  • Afternoon session:
    • Hands-on practice with chosen primary game
    • Game-specific mechanics and strategies
    • Introduction to game-specific resources (guides, videos, forums, etc.)
Day 3: Teamwork and Communication
  • Morning session:
    • Importance of teamwork and communication in esports
    • Effective communication techniques and tools (voice chat, pings, etc.)
    • Team roles and responsibilities in various game genres
  • Afternoon session:
    • Team-building exercises and activities
    • In-game practice focusing on communication and teamwork
    • Debrief and feedback sessions after each practice game
Day 4: Esports Culture and Sportsmanship
  • Morning session:
    • Understanding the esports ecosystem (leagues, organizations, sponsors, etc.)
    • Etiquette and behavior in the gaming community
    • Sportsmanship and fair play
  • Afternoon session:
    • Professional player interviews and insights
    • Discussion of controversies and challenges within the esports industry
    • Maintaining a healthy balance between gaming and real-life priorities
Day 5: Tournaments and Competitive Play
  • Morning session:
    • Overview of competitive formats and structures
    • Strategies for preparing for and participating in tournaments
    • Tips for managing stress and performing under pressure
  • Afternoon session:
    • In-house mini-tournament with camp participants
    • Post-tournament debrief and feedback
    • Closing remarks, awards, and certificates
By the end of the Citi Gaming Esports Camp, participants will have a strong understanding of the esports industry, gaming mechanics, teamwork, communication, and competitive play. They will also have a solid foundation for continued growth and improvement in their chosen esports game.

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Unleash your child’s potential at our cutting-edge esports camp, where education and gaming unite to foster teamwork, critical thinking, and digital literacy. Join our thriving community of young gamers and watch as your child forms lasting friendships while leveling up their skills in a fun, supportive environment.

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